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Key features

  • 7” touchscreen for on-device setup and editing. No PC, web or app editors required.
  • The easiest to use MIDI controller, ever.

  • No practical limit to the number of scenes and MIDI messages.
  • Optional on-screen knob interface for easy access to multiple MIDI messages at once.
  • MIDI step sequencer, per preset.
  • The most advanced device profiles in the industry.
  • User defined templates for easy access to commonly used MIDI messages.
  • Built in USB Host interface, for direct connection to USB MIDI devices.
  • Fade between MIDI values.
  • Flexible activation of presets in Toggle, Latch or Momentary modes.
  • Extremely flexible, per preset, expression setup.
  • Customizable min-max values and response curves for expression input.
  • Match-to-engage expression input option.

MORE features

  • Easy and accurate calibration of expression input.
  • Flexible User Interface that adapts to the given context and content.
  • Send MIDI messages on scene enter/leave, preset activate/deactivate, via expression input or triggered by internal step sequencer.
  • Supports PC, CC, NRPN, NoteOn, NoteOff, SysEx and many more message types.
  • Mapping of MIDI channels to devices and device profiles.
  • Continuously growing library of device profiles.
  • Aluminum enclosure with recessed back panel with extra space for cables and connectors.
  • Expansion port for future hardware and connectivity upgrades.