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A Revolution in MIDI Controllers

About The MIDIUM

Whether you run a fully MIDI controlled pedalboard, just want to control a few parameters in your favorite MIDI pedal or want to control a full rack of effects, a light show and your coffee machine* – at the same time – The MIDIUM got you covered!

*requires MIDI enabled coffee machine. Sold separately. Eventually…


MIDIUM organises all your Midi controls into Scenes, Presets and Messages. Scenes structure your Presets into logical groups and enables you to set up a known starting point for your Presets.


Inside of Scenes you have all your Presets. In fact you can have as many as you like, organised in pages of six. You can also add various utility functions like Tap Tempo, Clock Start/Stop and Sequence stepping, just to name a few.


Midi control is all about sending messages, controlling devices and setting parameters. Each Preset in MIDIUM can send an unlimited number of messages when activated and deactivated, as well as react to Expression input. They even have a build in 64 step Sequencer.


Simple should be simple

MIDI is a simple technology at its core. Yet, most MIDI foot controllers are complex and impractical to configure and have very limited User Interfaces. Small displays with cryptic abbreviations, deep menu systems with weird button combinations and PC editors, USB cables and specific browser versions.
If you want to set up a new control, adjust a parameter, or make any change at all, it should be as easy as reaching down and doing a quick interaction. Now, finally it is.
The big and clear touch screen on the MIDIUM, presents each and every control of the device, directly on the front of the unit. Utilising the big screen to the fullest, using modern User Interface paradigms, the MIDIUM offers the simplest, cleanest, yet most flexible user experience of any MIDI controller available.

What a View

The big 7” Touchscreen at the center of the MIDIUM brings MIDI Foot Controller design into the modern age and with it comes an unprecedented level of usability, flexibility, and overview. Both in editing and performing situations, the big Touchscreen on MIDIUM gives you the best possible view and an unmatched level of control.
Encased in aluminium, surrounded by sturdy footswitches and backed by a multitude of connectivity options, the MIDIUM and its unique Touchscreen defines state of the art in MIDI Foot Controllers.

Every control, where you need it - right under your fingers.

Aside from giving you best in class overview of your performance, the MIDIUM’s clear 7” touchscreen also offers a uniquely direct editing experience. Navigating the interface, controlling devices, adjusting values, everything is presented in a clear and simple manner using modern User Interface conventions and standards, making the MIDIUM as easy to use, as texting your Mom.

Full Creativity - Maximum Expression

MIDIUM features unparalleled flexibility and controls of up to two expression pedals, with direct editing on-screen, live readout and a multitude of creative possibilities, making it easier than ever to express your musical creativity.

Focus on what you want - not how to get it

Gone are the days of reading through user manuals, MIDI tables and converting settings to MIDI data. MIDIUM’s Device Profiles takes all of the manual work out of the equation and allows you to focus only on the effect you want and not worry about what MIDI data is required to get there. Combined with a modern User Interface on the Touchscreen of MIDIUM, controlling your MIDI devices have never been easier.

MIDI en masse

MIDIUM supports almost all Midi message types including

  • CC
  • PC
  • NoteOn
  • NoteOff
  • NRPN
  • Atertouch
  • Channel Aftertouch
  • CC Pair
  • SysEx

Ins and outs and more

  • Ethernet
  • USB Host, Midi in/out
  • Expression/Switch in x2
  • 3.5 mm TRS Midi out
  • Din5 Midi out
  • Din5 Midi in
  • Ready for future expansion modules